Accountants For Contractors London

A1 Professional Accounting is also proud to be your trusted and qualified accountants for contractors in London. Because we offer such a wide range of accounting services, this is highly convenient to contractors that may just be starting out and need a fully outsourced service. Whether you need business consultancy services, advice on contractor business models or require straightforward bookkeeping services, we’ve got you covered. We have experience with working with a wide range of contractors such as self-employed graphic designers and freelancers to name just a couple of examples. One of the main services that we help with when it comes to contractors is company formation. Services that we offer for contractors include;-

  • Company Formation
  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Business Consultancy
  • Tax Services

Company Formation For Contractors

Forming your company or association is and should be your very first step when starting. If you are a self-employed contractor just starting on your own, it’s important to take this seriously and select a fully qualified company just like A1 to sort this out for you efficiently and professionally. Our company formation packages start at as little as £19.99 and we guarantee you complete control of the process for peace of mind. We can work alongside you and officially set up your new company discussing all possible options for your new company including registering as a Public Limited Company, Limited Partnership, and more.

Bookkeeping For Contractors

When just starting as a contractor, managing bookkeeping on top of all your to-do lists can be very overwhelming. Fortunately, A1 Professional Accounting provides first-class bookkeeping services that allow our accountants to better manage the inflow and outflow of your finances much better so that you can regularly assess exactly where you currently stand. There is a lot to juggle financially but with our help, you will know that everything is under control. Our bookkeeping services also include managing bank statements, profit, and loss statements, monitoring and recording every sale, and also every purchase made on your business account.

Business Consultancy For Contractors

Business consultancy is another popular accounting service that we provide for contractors starting. Our business consultancy services are specifically tailored to your goals, aims, ambitions, and financial forecasts. We think outside the box, creating and implementing creative strategies to help you gain control over key market variables such as helping you to increase sales turnover and multiply your profits in the shortest possible period. Our business consultancy services perfectly align with your company practices so you can be sure that we offer a unique approach.

Tax For Contractors

Another in-demand service that we provide is tax advice for contractors. As your fully qualified accountants for contractors, we understand that tax can be complicated but it doesn’t have to be when you allow us to handle everything for you. A1 Professional Accounting is your expert accountants that provide tax planning and help to minimize the tax you will pay as a contractor whilst obliging with current legislation. We use our wealth of experience and abundance of knowledge to ensure you are maximizing your tax.

Why Choose Us?

A1 Professional Accounting aims to help you with all your finance and accounting needs as an established or new contractor. We understand there is a whole lot to get your head around which is why we get to understand your requirements and ease you through the process. Our contractor solutions will help you to save money, implement key business strategy and meet all legal requirements without hesitation. Moreover, our services are centered around being practical and flexible to fully support your business’s needs.

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