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A1 Professional Accounting are your local and fully accredited accountants in Staines – your one-stop shop for everything accounting, finance, and bookkeeping. We are the experts in ensuring you’re on track with your accounting and have helped thousands of people over the years to take the confusion and frustration out of getting your numbers right. We are a leading firm in our industry and take real pride in customer service. All our packages are fully bespoke to each client meaning they get exactly what they need. No two companies are the same, so why should their accounting packages be the same? That’s how we think and our clients get a fantastic ‘above and beyond service as a result.

For more information about our accounting services or to get in touch with our expert team today, please call us directly on 0203 740 4055 or use our online contact form and we’ll get back to you.

Our full list of accounting services include;-

Our Services

Although we are an accounting firm, our services don’t stop at just numbers. We cover many bases that go hand in hand with finance such as human resources, IT, company structures, and business consultancy services too. Our team of chartered accountants is heavily qualified in these areas to give you the best quality advice possible.

Where your business is concerned, you need to make sure you’re being informed properly and thoroughly. The bulk of our work relates to dealing with annual accounts for business, filing tax returns, and keeping you fully compliant with HM Revenue and Customs. Check out our full range of services below to find out how we can help you and your business as the number one accountants in Staines.

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Accounting Services

We work with businesses of many different sizes and structures and are able to service these clients easily. This is because as a team, we have several specialists for small businesses and also people who deal with larger ones so we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to suit. This adaptable approach makes us a popular choice in the Staines area and we’re proud to be so.

Accounting can be time-consuming, difficult to understand, and generally a bit dull, we get it. But that’s why we’re a perfect solution for you as a business because we have a multitude of accounting packages to suit your needs. Market-leading companies never overlook the importance of accounting and finance and ensure they’ve always got a grasp on this. Having a professional company helping you along the way is ideal for improving your operational efficiency and freeing you up to do what you do best.

Bookkeeping Staines

Get all your bookkeeping in order with a professional from A1 accounting. It’s no secret that you could do this yourself, especially when you’re a small business, but why bother? As your company grows and scales, we have the capacity and capabilities to ensure you’re forever looked after and dealt with with respect to your bookkeeping. Our bookkeeping involves managing your day-to-day transactions with all internal and external parties and allows us to offer feedback and advice on the financial landscape of your company. 

Juggling your finances on top of everything else you need to do as a business owner can be difficult. Identifying the sources of expenses, dealing with multiple transactions a day, and monitoring where each penny comes and goes amongst other financial disciplines can also be quite overwhelming. We focus our expertise and knowledge to formulate easier and more efficient ways to handle your company’s bookkeeping matters and make it easier for you to understand the make-up of your company’s cash inflows and outflows, so you don’t have to.

Account Preparation Staines

We’ve worked with many businesses in Staines to sort out their account preparation. This of course refers to defining each party’s stakes involved in the decision-making process of a business directly determining how profits and losses are shared too. This can become a delicate subject, particularly amongst businesses that have family members, friends, or close colleagues inside the organization. Having a third-party company in Staines means we can adopt a pragmatic and ultimately fair approach to account proceedings.

Business Consultancy Staines

Due to the research, we do on various markets, we offer a consultancy service to support businesses in decision making and growth. We’ve worked with numerous renowned organizations in the past and helped them scale both in structure and revenue. Having a trusted company like ours by your side means we’ll keep everything in order behind the scenes whilst you’re the star of the show reaping the rewards. Consultancy can often provide an outsider perspective which is absolutely essential in advancing your business forward. This is because we can give a viewpoint from a customer perspective and offer guidance on possible improvements. Often if you’re inside the business all the while, it can be hard to see this different perspective.

Why Choose A1 Professional Accounting?

You should choose to work with us for a number of reasons as your number one accountants in Staines and throughout East London. Predominantly, we have the experience of working with a variety of business types, sizes, and situations. We have a team of professionals that are specifically tailor-made to different specialisms so they’re on hand to offer exquisite advice on particular industries. We are renowned industry experts and will take you through every step in detail. 

Dealing with your finances can be a stressful and complicated matter so having a team by your side will take all the confusion away – leaving you feeling secure and giving you peace of mind. We’re a dedicated team that genuinely cares about your business.

Call Your Trusted Accountants in Staines

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You can send us an email at, call us on 0203 740 4055 or fill in the inquiry form on our website. We hope to see you soon here at A1 Professional accountants in Staines.